iW Database
Map Info
Prontera: Capitol of Rune-Midgarts
Type Town
Zone Server (Unknown)
Teleport Allowed Yes
Warp Memo Yes
Dead Branch No
Experience Loss No
Logout Safe Yes
BGM Track
8 - Theme of Prontera
Amatsu Trader
Armor Dealer
Black Marketeer
Cat Paw Shrimp Merchant
Chef Assistant
Doll Supplier
Flower Girl
Flower Lady
Fruit Gardener
Gift Merchant
High Potion Seller
Milk Ranch Vendor
Part Timer
Pet Groomer
Sanctuary Nun
Tool Dealer
Trap Specialist
Vegetable Gardener
Weapon Dealer 1
Weapon Dealer 2
Weapon Dealer 3
Wedding Shop Dealer
Monster Spawns
  Lv Name Amt Respawn HP Element Race Size Def MDef 95% Flee 100% Hit
12 Mysterious Bug 1 Instant 15 Fire 2 Insect Large 1 1 183 213