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DB updates
Posted at 07/19/2024
Thanks to Yongky for over 500 item entries and updates.
Dark Mode
Posted at 09/21/2023
That is all.
Monster Update
Posted at 01/12/2023
Hey Again,

Man its been some time... I've updated the monster page so that monsters who do not have stats will show up (Thank you belld1711 from the forums!). If you see something with zero's its intentional. If you want to work on getting me stats I'll happily populate those monsters for you just drop by the discord!

Instance Dungeon List
Posted at 12/15/2022
Hi Again,

Just wanted to let any of you who are using the Dungeon Maps section know that I've updated it so there are now TWO sections. Any map that requires you to start an instance is now in the Instance Maps. So if you are wondering where the nice list of Endless tower went... its there. But wait I've also been updating backend details so if you notice anything amiss or not functioning let me know and I'll take a look.

Treasure Boxes: Fixed!
Posted at 12/08/2022
Hello again!

The bug with the items in the common treasure drop pool has been fixed. All hail the glory of berry.

As always if you see anything wrong or broken drop by the discord!