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HTTPS Enabled
Posted at 12/09/2021
At long last, we have been able to enable Secure Browsing. You can now browse the iW DB without being nagged that the site is "not secure".
We're back!
Posted at 12/09/2021
Well, we thought the iW DB was dead after the last server move as we couldn't easily install PHP 5.x anymore.

Thankfully, Broken Staff offered his help in fixing the stuff that had been long depreciated.

With that said, we're looking for broken images, pages and links.

If you see anything amiss, please join our Discord (link at the bottom of the page) and post in the #irowiki-help channel with the following info:

- URL that the error occurred:
- what were you searching (explicit text):
- describe the error:
- browser you are using:

Thank you all for your continued support.
Updating info
Posted at 08/04/2017
If you would like to help update the renewal database please see us on Discord or post in the forums, the links are below
Updated contact info
Posted at 08/04/2017
Hello, if you notice any problems with this database please see the updated contact info below.