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Item Info
Pet Incubator
A portable incubator that is used to hatch Cute Pet monster eggs.
Type Usable
Subtype General
Weight 3
Buy Shop Yes
Required Level 1
NPC Prices
Buying Price 3,000 Z (2,280 Z)
Selling Price 1,500 Z (1,860 Z)
Purchasable At
Brasilis Pet Groomer
Geffen Pet Groomer
Izlude Pet Groomer
Juno Pet Groomer
Lighthalzen Pet Groomer
Morroc Ruins Pet Groomer
Payon Taming Merchant
Prontera Pet Groomer
Monster Drops
Lv Monster Rate Highest Spawn Element 95% Flee 100% Hit
53 Eggyra 3.00% 15 at Payon Cave 2 Ghost 2 280 278