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Item Info
Laurell Weinder Card
  • Increases the damage inflicted with [Frost Nova] and [Storm Gust] by 5%.
  • Drains 50 SP from the user when the weapon is unequipped.

  • Set bonus with Lunar Rainbow [1]:
    • Adds a 4% chance of casting [Cold Bolt] Lv .4 or [Frost Diver] Lv .4 on the target when performing a physical attack, where the level of the skill is equal to and where the chance to cast is increased by 1% per upgrade level of the item past the upgrade level of 4 to a maximum upgrade level of 10.
Type Card
Subtype Weapon
Weight 1
Required Level 0
Adjective Undine
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NPC Prices
Buying Price --
Selling Price 10 Z (12 Z)
Monster Drops
Lv Monster Rate Highest Spawn Element 95% Flee 100% Hit
133 Laurell Weinder 0.02% 50 at Lighthalzen Dungeon 2 Ghost 2 471 412