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Item Info
A long, loose cape-like garment that protects its wearer from harsh weather.
Type Gear
Subtype Garment
Weight 60
Required Level 1
Upgradable Yes
Damagable Yes
Def 13
MDef 0
NPC Prices
Buying Price 32,000 Z (24,320 Z)
Selling Price 16,000 Z (19,840 Z)
Purchasable At
Al De Baran Armor Dealer
Alberta Armor Dealer
Comodo Armor Dealer
Comodo Field 07 Armor Dealer
Izlude Armor Dealer
Lutie Armor Dealer
Niflheim Armor Dealer
Payon Armor Dealer
Equippable By
Novice Super Novice
Swordman Merchant Thief Acolyte Mage Archer  

Knight Blacksmith Assassin Priest Wizard Hunter  
Crusader Alchemist Rogue Monk Sage Bard Dancer

Lord Knight Master Smith Assassin Cross High Priest High Wizard Sniper  
Paladin Biochemist Stalker Champion Scholar Minstrel Gypsy

Rune Knight Mechanic Guillotine Cross Arch Bishop Warlock Ranger  
Royal Guard Geneticist Shadow Chaser Sura Sorcerer Maestro Wanderer

Taekwon Taekwon Master Soul Linker Ninja Kagerou/Oboro Gunslinger Rebel
Doram Race
Monster Drops
Lv Monster Rate Highest Spawn Element 95% Flee 100% Hit
110 Elusive Wraith Dead (Nightmare) 5.00% (Unknown) Undead 4 280 310
76 Dark Frame 0.31% 20 at Glast Heim 1F Shadow 3 310 313
145 Dark Frame (Guild Dungeon) 0.31% 20 at Hall of Abyss: Britoniah Shadow 3 379 382
108 Dullahan 0.14% 20 at Niflheim Field 01 Undead 2 378 337
77 Wraith 0.11% 80 at Glast Heim Churchyard Undead 4 338 303
110 Cursed Grave Keeper 0.11% (Unknown) Undead 4 389 362