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Item Info
A pair of shoes made of supple, high quality leather.
Type Gear
Subtype Footgear
Weight 40
Required Level 1
Upgradable Yes
Damagable Yes
Def 10
MDef 0
NPC Prices
Buying Price 3,500 Z (2,660 Z)
Selling Price 1,750 Z (2,170 Z)
Purchasable At
Alberta Armor Dealer
Amatsu Armor Dealer
Ayothaya Armor Dealer
Izlude Armor Dealer
Kunlun Armor Dealer
Lighthalzen Armor Dealer
Louyang Armor Dealer
Morroc Armor Dealer
Moscovia Armor Dealer
Payon Armor Dealer
Port Malaya Armor Dealer
Prontera Armor Dealer
Rachel Armor Dealer
Veins Armor Dealer
Equippable By
Novice Super Novice
Swordman Merchant Thief Acolyte Mage Archer  

Knight Blacksmith Assassin Priest Wizard Hunter  
Crusader Alchemist Rogue Monk Sage Bard Dancer

Lord Knight Master Smith Assassin Cross High Priest High Wizard Sniper  
Paladin Biochemist Stalker Champion Scholar Minstrel Gypsy

Rune Knight Mechanic Guillotine Cross Arch Bishop Warlock Ranger  
Royal Guard Geneticist Shadow Chaser Sura Sorcerer Maestro Wanderer

Taekwon Taekwon Master Soul Linker Ninja Kagerou/Oboro Gunslinger Rebel
Doram Race