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Item Info
Lesser Agimat
Paper that protects a player from harm's way or casts special abilities. A faint energy can be felt.
Type Misc
Subtype General
Weight 5
Buy Shop No
Required Level 0
NPC Prices
Buying Price --
Selling Price 10 Z (12 Z)
Quest Name Amount Quest Name Amount Quest Name Amount
Bakonawa Extermination × 7 Can't Look into His Eyes (Varies) Get Rid of the Jejeling (Varies)
Ghost on the Ferry Ship (Varies) Jejeling and Jejellopy (Varies) Marie's Child (Varies)
Nurse in Port Malaya × 11 Purified Bones (Varies) Secret in the Woods × 5
Shiny Blade (Varies) The Old Man & The Cast-Iron Cauldron (Varies) Traditional Spiritual Protection & ... (Varies)