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Posted at 06/19/2019
So, somehow, this Database has survived another server move.

However, that isn't going to delay the eventual demise. The code is a wreck, the ship has already hit the iceberg and split in half, and one of those halves has already vanished.

There was a community project going to make a new Database but unfortunately it ran out of motivation.

We've closed the RESTART Database pending that server's closure, and may close the Classic one in the near future (as iRO Classic is also going away).

As usual, contact us on Discord with any issues!
If the page is messed up
Posted at 12/12/2017
If the page is white, and messed up, change the https to http in your URL.
Updating info
Posted at 08/04/2017
If you would like to help update the renewal database please see us on Discord or post in the forums, the links are below
Updated contact info
Posted at 08/04/2017
Hello, if you notice any problems with this database please see the updated contact info below.