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Posted at 2015/04/11
The database can be updated with the tool at http://db.irowiki.org/admin/

For an account, PM Kaddy (Jaye) on iROWiki or iRO Official forums.

Thank you for supporting iRO Wiki!
14.1 Added
Posted at 2011/12/20
Episode 14.1 (Mora & Bifrost) items, maps, and monsters have been added.
Dewata Added
Posted at 2011/09/07
Dewata maps, monsters and items have been added. Let us know of any errors. You can now search for items based on enchantability.
13.3 Added
Posted at 2011/06/30
Episode 13.3 (El Dicastes & Scaraba) items, maps, and monsters have been added to the database.
Posted at 2010/11/05
Welcome to the iRO Wiki Renewal Database, graciously donated to the community by Soukosa. We hope to be able to provide you with the most accurate and updated information we can concerning International Ragnarok Online. Please pardon our dust as we get things up and running.