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Item Info
Gaia Shield [1]
A shield that contains the power of the earth.
  • Increases physical and magical damage on Earth property targets by 5%.
  • Reduces damage received from [Earth] property attacks by 10%.
  • If upgraded +6 or higher:
    • Increases physical and magical damage on Earth property targets by an additional 10%.
    • Reduces damage taken from Earth property attacks by an additional 15%.
  • If upgraded +8 or higher:
    • If the users base Str is 90 or higher,
    • Atk + 50
    • If the users base Agi is 90 or higher,
    • Aspd + 5%
    • If the users base Vit is 90 or higher,
    • Increases the recovery rate of recovery items by 10%.
    • If the users base Int is 90 or higher,
    • MAtk + 30
    • If the users base Dex is 90 or higher,
    • Reduces the variable casting time of skills by 5%.
    • If the users base Luk is 90 or higher,
    • Increases critical attack damage by 5%.
Special Notes:
  • Obtained via temporary cash shop sale events.
Type Gear
Subtype Shield
Weight 200
Required Level 90
Upgradable Yes
Damagable No
Def 150
MDef 10
NPC Prices
Buying Price --
Selling Price 0 Z
Equippable By
Novice Super Novice
Swordman Merchant Thief Acolyte Mage Archer  

Knight Blacksmith Assassin Priest Wizard Hunter  
Crusader Alchemist Rogue Monk Sage Bard Dancer

Lord Knight Master Smith Assassin Cross High Priest High Wizard Sniper  
Paladin Biochemist Stalker Champion Scholar Minstrel Gypsy

Rune Knight Mechanic Guillotine Cross Arch Bishop Warlock Ranger  
Royal Guard Geneticist Shadow Chaser Sura Sorcerer Maestro Wanderer

Taekwon Taekwon Master Soul Linker Ninja Kagerou/Oboro Gunslinger Rebel
Doram Race