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EXP settings
Posted at 08/13/2017
Odin's standard EXP setting is 1.25x. Remember to toggle this in the settings options before telling me something is wrong with the exp fields!

That said, if you do find something very off in the EXP of a monster, please report it and include the following information with the report.

Monster name:
VIP? Yes/No
Party Size?
Battle Manual?
Job Manual?
Is there currently an EXP event on?

For missing monsters please report the map name (like prt_fild03) that can be found easily in game with the /where command.

For missing/shouldn't be in the DB items, please write out their full name and include the slot amount such as (Holy Stick[1]) or the item's ID number to make it obvious with item it is. Sometimes to DB has two similar items with the same name (such as Novice Figure) where one is nothing like the other.

Change Logs and Error Reporting
Posted at 08/09/2017
For a current changelog, check out my thread on the post covering the RE:Start DB.

Please report errors you find over there or on Discord!

Database Beta Release
Posted at 08/04/2017
Hi, you've reached our BETA release of our RE:Start DB.

RE:Start's current known spawns are updated, however drops and monster quantity (amount per map) will be unknown unless we're given the information from WarpPortal directly.

Any monster spawn amount that was left on a map in the DB while it was being updated is probably wrong and should be ignored.

Drop rates will likely reflect iRO Classic's drop rates until we're able to update the drops with "Best Guess" numbers to reflect RE:Start's reduced droprates.

Maps with no spawns are not available in RE:Start. Monsters with no spawn location are not available in RE:Start.

When I have the time I will removed these maps and monsters from the DB until they become available.