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LHZ/Kiel/Extended Juno
Posted at 12/13/2017
Maps and Monsters are being added and updated to reflect the current update for RE:Start. The drop tables should be fixed soon, if any monster or map is missing or incorrect, contact us on Discord!

Drop Rate Updates
Posted at 09/01/2017
Drop rates are currently being added to monsters, I've done a crappy method of making the ranged percents work but it will take a while to set every single monster to the correct flag.

I expect to be done early next week since I'm going to be out this weekend.

Drop List Update
Posted at 08/26/2017
The drops have been updated to reflect the current RE:Start list given to us by Campitor at Warpportal.

Drops RATES are not currently listed because of the list given to us being done by ranges (Such as 100~75%) etc.

Once we figure out how to handle the ranged drop rates we were given we will look into fixing the drop rate fields.

We're still waiting on the monster spawns and I'll begin work on those once the new info comes available!

Drop and spawn rates removed
Posted at 08/25/2017
We will only be getting ranges for drops and monster spawn numbers, this is not supported by the DB. Until we figure out how to handle it, we've removed all drop rates and monster spawn numbers.

EXP settings
Posted at 08/13/2017
Odin's standard EXP setting is 1.25x. Remember to toggle this in the settings options before telling me something is wrong with the exp fields!

That said, if you do find something very off in the EXP of a monster, please report it and include the following information with the report.

Monster name:
VIP? Yes/No
Party Size?
Battle Manual?
Job Manual?
Is there currently an EXP event on?

For missing monsters please report the map name (like prt_fild03) that can be found easily in game with the /where command.

For missing/shouldn't be in the DB items, please write out their full name and include the slot amount such as (Holy Stick[1]) or the item's ID number to make it obvious with item it is. Sometimes to DB has two similar items with the same name (such as Novice Figure) where one is nothing like the other.