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Item Info
A nut from the Cacao tree that is naturally found in warm climes. It must be dried into cacao beans, fried and then ground to become cacao paste. Chocolate is made by solidying the cacao paste with milk. The fat extracted from the cacao paste is used as cacao butter, so it's not ready to eat yet.
Type Misc
Subtype General
Weight 2
Required Level 0
NPC Prices
Buying Price --
Selling Price 100 Z (124 Z)
Monster Drops
Monster Rate Highest Spawn Element 95% Flee 100% Hit
Yoyo 13.45% 160 at Prontera Field 03 Earth 1 128 65
Wootan Shooter 1.45% 20 at Umbala Dungeon 2 Earth 2 214 94