iW Classic Database
Item Info
An orange root that is supposedly good for your vision. Despite the Beta Carotene, kids don't care much for it.
Type Usable
Subtype Recovery
Weight 2
Required Level 0
HP Heal 18 ~ 20
NPC Prices
Buying Price 15 Z (11 Z)
Selling Price 7 Z (8 Z)
Purchasable At
Hugel Fruit Shop
Izlude Fruit Merchant
Lighthalzen Vegetable Gardner 1
Lighthalzen Vegetable Gardner 2
Moscovia Fruit Gardner
Prontera Vegetable Gardener
Rachel Vegetable Gardner
Umbala Tool Dealer
Monster Drops
Monster Rate Highest Spawn Element 95% Flee 100% Hit
Duneyrr 50.00% (Doesn't spawn on any map) Earth 3 287 187
Lunatic 16.45% 80 at Prontera Field 01 Neutral 3 86 26