iW Classic Database
Item Info
A string of beads used to count the number of repetitions that prayers are recited.
  • Set bonus with Spiritual Ring:
    • SP Regen +9%
    • Increases the damage inflicted with [Magnus Exorcismus] by 30%.
    • Increases the damage inflicted with [Heal] and [Sanctuary] by 50%.
Type Gear
Subtype Accessory
Weight 10
Required Level 20
Upgradable No
Damagable No
Def 0
MDef 5
Luk +2
NPC Prices
Buying Price 15,000 Z (11,400 Z)
Selling Price 7,500 Z (9,300 Z)
Purchasable At
Prontera Sanctuary Nun
Equippable By
Novice Super Novice
Swordman Merchant Thief Acolyte Mage Archer  

Knight Blacksmith Assassin Priest Wizard Hunter  
Crusader Alchemist Rogue Monk Sage Bard Dancer

Lord Knight Master Smith Assassin Cross High Priest High Wizard Sniper  
Paladin Biochemist Stalker Champion Scholar Minstrel Gypsy

Taekwon Taekwon Master Soul Linker Ninja Gunslinger
Monster Drops
Monster Rate Highest Spawn Element 95% Flee 100% Hit
Nightmare Terror 0.41% 46 at Magma Dungeon 2 Shadow 3 229 174
Dark Priest 0.41% 3 at Glast Heim St. Abbey Undead 4 257 190
Nightmare 0.02% 40 at Geffen Dungeon 3 Ghost 3 188 143